Working with Zoro UK

Alongside our customers, our team is the most important thing about our business. Without their skills, expertise and knowledge we wouldn’t exist.
We have an inclusive, people-centric culture that makes Zoro UK such a great place to work.

Social & Inclusion Council

We understand and love that everyone is different in Zoro. We have a Social & Inclusion Council comprised of members who represent all our employee’s backgrounds. This helps us to bring ideas and changes to life through an informed and supported viewpoint of our teams.

Our Company Values

  • Know Our Customer

    Understanding the needs and expectations of all our customer types to offer them the best possible experience with us

  • Take Ownership

    Have the initiative to take action and make a meaningful difference

  • Embrace Technology

    Tech is always changing. Harness its capabilities and explore new ways of working better with new ones

  • Be a Teamplayer

    Win together and lose together (we prefer winning!)

What our colleagues are saying

  • Chelsie

    Chelsie, CS and Sales Trainer

    I have worked for Zoro for just under a year now.Having been with my previous employer for a long period of time I really took a leap of faith joining Zoro UK and I'm so glad I did. The culture here is so welcoming and inclusive and everyone is encouraged to speak up and recommend change. As the CS and Sales Trainer, my favourite thing about my job is being able to shape the minds of new employees when they join the company, as well getting to know every process, I guess it definitely helps to be nosey!

  • Logaraj

    Logaraj, Devops Engineer

    I have been working in Zoro UK for three years, and it has been a fantastic journey so far. Zoro has a great working environment and a very supportive team. Teams are very collaborative and execute some great ideas. Apart from working, I also love participating in social activities such as football, badminton, coffee meetings, hack day and more which brings the team together even further, breaking barriers. I love working in Zoro so much that I recommended one of my best friends to join the company.

  • Claire

    Claire, AR Accounts

    I’ve worked in the AR Accounts dept for Zoro UK for two and a half years and it’s a spectacular company to work for. I greatly enjoy the communication between the different departments and we all work really well together as a whole. I feel valued and my opinion matters. I have worked in many different companies and by far Zoro exceeds them all! I have recommended quite a few of my friends and family to work for Zoro as I genuinely feel that Zoro gives amazing opportunities throughout the business.

  • Nikos

    Nikos, Technical Lead

    I’m one of the technical leads in Zoro UK. Working here for the last 3 years has been challenging but really rewarding. We follow agile methodologies and the whole team is very flexible and open to discussing new ideas. The technology stack is very cutting edge with AWS, ReactJS, NextJS and NodeJS being predominately used. Everyone is super friendly and when we meet at the office we either go for football or badminton which is something really nice since we get to do things outside of our usual work routines.

  • Kasia

    Kasia, Sales Agent

    With Zoro for almost 4 years, I've felt warmly welcomed from day one. The team is supportive, and we operate as a close-knit unit in a smaller business setting. Zoro offers excellent perks like healthcare, bonuses, and social events, making it an obvious choice to recommend this as a place to work to my friends. There is a closeness within the team and there is often opportunities for career progression. Starting in Customer Service, I swiftly transitioned to the Sales Team and am continuously encouraged to explore new positions.

  • Jake

    Jake, CS Manager

    I’ve been at Zoro for two and half years, working in various customer-facing roles to support our valued customers. The thing that impressed me the most was how everyone within the business has their voices heard. I work with some of the most supportive, friendliest, and hard-working people that are always finding new ways to make Zoro a great place to work. We are always evolving and using learning opportunities to continuously improve. The people are certainly at the heart of the business.

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