PVC Strip Curtain Rolls

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Made-to-measure Curtain Kit - Individual Strips or Full Rolls
PVC Strip Curtains are used as internal and external thermal partitions, but can also act as a barrier to fumes, dust, flying insects, birds etc. They can be used to reduce noise levels between production areas and quiet areas, i.e. Quality Control in factories. Made from a high quality, low toxic, cadmium-free material they have extremely good clarity and consistency of colour and dimensional tolerances.'Buffer' type strips are available for extreme conditions where 'Standard' material may have a more limited lifespan.

Order Individual Strips
To order made-to-measure PVC strips with hangers pre-attached, please follo­w these simple steps:
1. Measure height of door opening.
2. Choose a Type (see B).
3. Choose a Strip Width (see table).
4. Specify the number of strips required

Contact your Local Branch for more details

Order a Complete Curtain Kit
To order a made-to-measure PVC strip curtain with all therequired accessories, please follow these simple steps:
1. Measure height and width of door opening.
2. Choose either Face or Soffit fixing (see A).
3. Choose a Type (see B).
4. Choose a Strip Width (see table).
5. Choose an Overlap amount (see C).
6. Decide whether you need red Marker strips either side.

Order a Full 50m Roll

Face Fixing

Soffit Fixing

Ref. Type
1 Standard
2 Buffer
3 Polar
4 Red Marker
5 Green Welding

Overlap Options
Min, Med, Max

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