XTT Pulsed TIG Inverter with Torch, Tig Accessory Kit, Helmet and Gloves

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Professional level pulsed TIG DC Output inverter Features: -Can be used for TIG or MMA welding allowing the welding of a wide range of steels and Alloys -DC output and power pulsing maximises productivity whilst reducing heat output -The majority of steels can be welded in DC mode quickly using the pulse power function, giving the flexibility of reducing heat input or increasing the welding speed and weld penetration at higher pulse frequencies -Materials up to 8mm can be TIG welded, and thicker using MMA . XR936H/P Large View Light Reactive Welding & Grinding Helmet -Slim & lightweight -Automatic Light & Dark adjustment -Variable shade adjustment from 5-13 with Grinding function -Viewing area: 100mm x 53mm Large view -UV/IR protection -Variable sensitivity adjustment -Variable delay -Full face coverage -Automatic power on / off -Replacement battery with low battery indicator -Weight: 526g -2 Year warranty -Conforms to BSEN 379; BSEN i 75; ANSI Z87.I, CAN/SCA Z94.3 Panther TIG Gloves P3838: -Fingertip Sensitivity -Reinforced Thumb -Reinforced Wrist Patch -Extra Long Cuff (15cm)

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