WLSK8023G Soldering Station W/WLIRP80 Power Iron
Order Code: ZT2180367S

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Supplied with a 1.2 metre power cable, UK plug and 10mm chisel tip, this variable wattage soldering iron has the capability to deliver between 20 and 80W of power to suit a wide scope of needs. Boasting an ergonomic moulded pencil grip handle, on-board tip storage and cleaner, integrated safety rest, adjustable wattage dial and a compact design, the product is designed for swift, precise soldering.

Features and Benefits
• Adjustable wattage allows for versatility of use
• Compact design ensures the station does not take up excess space on your desk or workstation
• Integrated safety rest ensures user safety and protects the workpiece when the soldering iron is not in use
• Secure and firm Power Grip ensures optimum control, grip and precision when using
• Quick tip change design reduces tool downtime when replacing worn tips or changing for a different application
• Built in tip holder provides quick and easy access to additional tips
• On-board tip cleaner keeps tips lasting longer and ensures they are working to an optimum level (additional tips sold separately)

Typical Applications
• Home Repairs
• Stained Glass
• Joining Wires
• Metal Working
• Hobbyists

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Specifications for WLSK8023G Soldering Station W/WLIRP80 Power Iron
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