W201D Temperature Controlled Iron 200W
Order Code: ZT2599561S

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Weller W201D Controlled Temperature Iron is suitable for a broad range of demanding soldering applications on electrical components with extremely high heat sensitivity. The industrial soldering irons of the W series have a solidly constructed heating element and a wide selection of long-life soldering tips. The tips are made of pure copper and are available with temperature ratings of 260°C, 316ºC, 425ºC and 480ºC. Temperature is controlled according to the Weller Magnastat principle. The metal cap that is firmly secured to the back of the soldering tip is the temperature sensor of this system; the Magnastat. The Magnastat system operates through a ferrous magnetic sensing device and is extremely stable, it does not deteriorate through ageing or metal fatigue. A further advantage of this design is that the soldering iron is completely switched off while the tip is being changed so that the heating element can not burn out in the absence of a tip. Specification: Watt: 200W Voltage: 230V

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