Pack of 5 Bird Carver Tips
Order Code: ZT4027718S

£33.99 Inc VAT (20%)


A set of 5 micro bird carver tips for use with the Antex Fire writer. This set includes the following tips: Small Skew, Small Round, Small Sphere, Small Chisel and a Small Round Skew. Tip description: T2S - Small Round Tip - general pyrography. Very fine detail on small, concave surfaces. Great for detailing sculpted feathers and for "burning for colour" techniques. T6S - Small Chisel Tip - useful for detailing where lines need to be terminated. Works for some small shading, calligraphy and general pyrography work. T5S - Small Spear Tip - ideal for miniatures and very fine detail in pyrography. T1S - General Use Tip - for pyrography, cutting and finer detail. T7S - Small Round Skew Tip - used for extreme fine detail in confined areas. Great for fine detail on feathers or hair on sculpted or "bumped" surfaces. Popular with more advanced bird and animal carvers.

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