Kit, Weller Solder Aid, 6 Pack
Order Code: ZT1511238S

£9.99 Inc VAT (20%)


This 6 piece solder aid kit provides the user with double-ended tools with multi-functional capabilities. The tools can be used to remove debris before soldering, hold cables and wires in place, remove components and put pins in place.

Features and Benefits
• Multi-functional capabilities to suit a variety of needs
• Dual-sided hook allows you to easily remove components
• Fork tool can be used for bending, holding and adjusting small cables, leads and wires
• Scraper and knife tool can be used to remove residual flux and solder to keep your soldering work neat and tidy
• Dual-sided awl allows you to expand pad holes as required
• Doube-ended brush allows you to remove dust or debris prior to soldering to help produce a cleaner finish
• Quick positioning of pins

Typical Applications
• Ideal for use when

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