Holder Helping Hand W/4 Movable Magnetic Arms w/ALLIGATOR Clamps
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This durable helping hands stand is ideal for holding components and workpieces in place when precision soldering. Comprised of a heavy duty powder coated steel base, non slip feet and four gooseneck hands with clamps, the product can be adapted to hold various workpieces at different angles to suit your exact requirements.

Features and Benefits
• Gooseneck hands provide flexibility and adjustability to suit your exact needs and positioning
• Frees up your hands to allow you to solder with precision
• Coated clamps reduce the risk of damage to your workpiece whilst still holding them firmly in place
• Robust design comprises of a heavy duty powder coated steel base and non-slip feet
• Versatile product can be adapted and adjusted to suit your specific applications

Typical Applications
• Ideal for freeing up hands when soldering components with optimum precision

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