Cleaner, Weller Brass Tip Wire Sponge, 5 Pack
Order Code: ZT2114290S

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£71.94 minimum order value

Minimum order quantity: 6.


This brass sponge is designed for cleaning residual solder from soldering irons without damaging the tip. The brass construction of the sponge reduces the likelihood of tip cool down to keep you working more effectively than when using cellulose sponges. A simple yet effective way of keeping your soldering iron tips working to an optimum level.

Features and Benefits
• Reduces residue on tips to provide clean soldering joins without damaging the tipof the soldering iron
• Prevents tip cool down to help improve the quality of solder joins when compared to using cellulose sponges
• Simple and effective way of improving the tip life of your soldering iron
• Easy to use, simply insert your soldering iron into the centre of the sponge to remove residue

Typical Applications
• Useful when undertaking any work involving a soldering iron

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