The Wax Master Dual Temperature Heated Tool Switchable Between Two Heat Settings - 5 Watts and 10 Watts
Order Code: ZT4027702S

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The Wax Master is a dual temperature heated craft tool - 5/10 watts. Explore the art of melting wax. Ideal for greeting cards and making pictures. The kit includes:- Dual temperature heated tool 230VAC with UK plug fitted, 1 x safety stand, 1 x glossy card, 1 x spade tip, 1 x drawing tip, 1 x brush tip, 3 x blocks of encaustic primary colour wax and Instructions for use. Screw on required tip before turning on the power. Move the switch on the handle to Position II. The tool takes a few minutes to heat to the required temperature. Use the stand supplied when not in use. The tool should be held like a pen keeping your fingers firmly on the blue insulated handgrip at all times. Never touch the metal shaft as this becomes very hot. The spade tip can be used to make the background, the pointed tip for writing/drawing and the brush tip to give another dimension to your work. Experiment by dabbing the wax block onto the spade tip then apply to shiny white/coloured card, polyester sheets or glass. Keep completed works out of direct sunlight. Additional encaustic wax blocks for art wax are freely available from the internet and most craft shops. Search for antex001 on YouTube to see a video of the product in use.

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