Premium Copper-Coated Mild Steel MIG Wire

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Available in a variety of sizes and specifications, this range of OK Autorod 12.51 copper coated MIG wire can be used with both Ar/CO2 mixed gas and pure CO2 shielding gas. Possessing higher levels of deoxidisers. these products allow effective welding even over heavy amounts of dirt, rust, and mill scale. Supplied around either a plastic or wire reel. Wire reels can be easily recycled together with waste steel, avoiding more complex disposal.

Features and Benefits
• High deoxidiser content that allows you to weld over even high amounts of rust, dust and mill scale
• Wire is made from a carbon-manganese steel alloy to ensure effective deoxidisation
• Copper coated to bolster the efficiency of your welding
• Provides a smooth bead profile and creates a higher fluidity puddle

Typical Applications
• Ideal for use with Ar/CO2 and CO2 shielding gas when welding

Feature Attributes

Classifications & approvals:
As Per Attached Data Sheet
Material Type:
Mild Steel

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