Pro-grip Max MIG with Torch

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The Parweld Pro-Grip Max® MIG torch range has been developed using the Company’s philosophy of putting the user first. Every aspect of thePro-Grip Max® has been designed to make life easier for the welder.
Ergonomic Design - the striking handle design provides maximum comfort and manoeuvrability. Reduced Fatigue - using the latest over moulding techniques, large soft grips ensure that the torch remains in place with minimal effort. Manoeuvrability - knuckle joint and cable support allow small movements of the handle and neck, independent of the cable assembly giving the welder freedom of movement whilst still maintaining support. Key features
Swan Necks High temperature resistant insulation materials reducing the risk of shorting. Durable and robust. Hanger Hooks Easy to store, less prone to damage. Encourages an efficient and tidy workspace.
Handle System The ergonomically superior Pro-Grip Max® system maximises user comfort. Integrated soft grips ensure the handle remains in place with minimal grip pressure. Designed for balance, lightness and strength and enhanced wire feeding performance. Screwless design for rapid servicing.
Every detail of the Pro-Grip Max® MIG torch has been engineered with the user in mind. We work to ensure that every aspect of the design is simple, comfortable and effective. With superior ergonomics, the Pro-Grip Max® reduces fatigue, increases comfort and improves performance.

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