TIG Torch Standard Collets

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Designed to hold Tungsten electrodes and transfer current whilst using your TIG torch, these collets are ideal for use on WP17, WP18 and WP26 torches. Available in varying sizes to suit your required wire size, they are crucial in upholding the quality of your TIG welding torch.

Features and Benefits
• An economical way to keep your TIG torch operating to its full potential
• Manufactured to a high standard to ensure a steady current and provide a stable arc needed for precision welding
• Available in various sizes to ensure you find the correct fit for your torch

Typical Applications
• Ideal for use with WP17, WP18 and WP26 TIG welding torches to hold the Tungsten as you weld

Feature Attributes

50 mm
To Suit:
Type WP17/18/26
Product Type:
Standard Collet

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