SifAlumin No.15 4043 TIG Filler Rod

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Sifalumin No 15 is a aluminium alloy with 5% silicon, offering excellent flow characteristics and penetration.

Has a lower melting point and more fluidity and is preferred by most welders because it "wets and flows better" and it's less sensitive to weld cracking when used on the 6xxx series base alloys.

Features and Benefits:
■ Predominantly used during the TIG welding process (AC welding current)
■ Can be used Oxy Acetylene welding processes, (use the Sif No. 36 aluminium brazing and welding flux)
■ Weld will discolour if anodised.
■ Ensure that the parent metal surface is cleaned and fully degreased prior to welding. Clean joints with a stainless steel brush.

Typical Application:
■ Suitable for welding duralumin cast (LM25) and wrought aluminium alloys such as 6063 (H9), 6061 (H20) and 6082 (H30).

■ Welding on 6xxx series alloys typical applications include automotive/motorcycle frames, sports products - scooters/bicycles, general repair and maintenance.

Feature Attributes

EN ISO 18273 S Al 4043A (AlSi5),,BS: 2901 4043A, (NG21)
Product Material:

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