Sifalumin 16 1.6mm Aluminium Welding Rods 2.5KG
Order Code: ZT1000692X

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Aluminium rod containing 12% silicon. It has good mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance. Suitable for silicon bearing cast aluminium alloys and wrought alloys. Do not use if fabrication is to be anodised.

Features and Benefits:
■ Good colour matching to parent material
■ Brazing alloy on thin gauge material

Typical Applications:
■ Aluminium castings.
■ Repair and maintenance
■ Surfacing and construction of windowframes
■ Engine blocks and automotive parts.

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Specifications for Sifalumin 16 1.6mm Aluminium Welding Rods 2.5KG
  • MFR Part No.
  • Product Material
  • Pack Weight
  • Classification
    BS: 2901 4047A (NG2
    EN ISO 18273 S Al 4047A (AlSi12
    EN ISO 17672 Al11
  • Diameter

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