OK 48.00 Low Hydrogen Welding Rods E7018. Vac Packed

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A reliable, general purpose electrode for manual metal arc welding of carbon steels, carbon manganese steels and fine-grained carbon manganese steels with elevated yield strength

Features and Benefits:
■ H4 R approved.
■ Low diffusible hydrogen to reduce the risk for cold cracking
■ Outstanding low moisture pick up
■ High efficiency bringing productivity
■ Extremely good weldability in vertical up position
■ Exceptional weld appearance


■ Civil Construction
■ Energy
■ Industrial and General Fabrication
■ Light Fabrication
■ Marine and Offshore

Feature Attributes

SFA/AWS A5.1:E7018 H4 R,EN ISO 2560-A:E 42 4 B 42 H5
Welding Current:
DC + = direct current-reverse polarity,DC - = direct current-straight polarity
Electrode Type:
SMAW = Shielded metal arc welding (Covered Stick electrode)
Product Type:
Recommended Welding Positions:
Vertical Downwards: PG / 3G,Horizontal Vertical: PC / 2G,Horizontal Vertical PB / 2F,Overhead: PE / 4G,Downhand Groove PA / 1G
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