FASTROD E6013 Welding Rods 5kg

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This range of general purpose electrodes are ideal for welding both mild and medium tensile steels. With an easy-striking action, each product has the ability to hold a stable arc with self-releasing slag for excellent shape and finish of the weld seam. Available in various diameters to match your needs and manufactured to both ABS and Lloyds certifications.

Features and Benefits:
• Can be used in all positional welding making them highly versatile
• Operational with both AC and DC power sources
• Available in a host of diameters depending on your requirements
• Rutile coating encourages smooth arc ignition and operation to ensure a neat join

Typical Applications
• Ideal for producing quality welds and joins on medium tensile steels, mild steel tubes, pipes plate and sheet metal work

Feature Attributes

Product Type:
5 kg
Welding Current:
DC - = direct current-straight polarity,DC + = direct current-reverse polarity,AC = alternating current
Recommended Welding Positions:
All Positional
Electrode Type:
SMAW = Shielded metal arc welding (Covered Stick electrode)
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