CASTROD S-NFC Cast Iron Welding Rods 1kg

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Cast iron welding electrode with an Iron-Nickel alloy core and a graphite coating producing a weld seam that has excellent machinability that is crack resistant.

Features and Benefits:
■ Operates with AC or DC Power Sources
■ Suitable for all arc welders
■ Deposits 95%Ni + 2%Fe weld metal

Typical Applications:
■ For high strength jointing of cast iron and cold welding of cast iron
■ Used for repairing broken cast iron, joining of cast iron to steel and building up worn parts
■ Grey cast iron such as engine gearboxes, machine tools and guideways

Feature Attributes

SMAW = Shielded metal arc welding (Covered Stick electrode)
Electrode Type:
Electrode Length:
350 mm
Welding Current:
DC + = direct current-reverse polarity,AC = alternating current
Din 8573 E Ni BG 11,AWS A 5.15 E Ni-C1
Product Type:
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