Brazing Rods

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Multi-purpose Sif® bronze low temperature rod for brazing and bronze welding of steels, cast iron, copper and its alloys. Ideally suited for general mild steel work, galvanised steel and dissimilar metal applications, the product is available ina range of sizes to suit your applications.

Features and Benefits
• General-purpose brazing or bronze welding rod
• Suitable for sheet, tube and extruded sections in all types of fabrication work
• For steel, cast iron, copper and its alloys
• Available in a range of sizes to suit your requirements

Typical Applications
• Gas Welding

• EN 1044: CU302
• BS 1845: CZ6A 1453 C2

Feature Attributes

Product Material:
Silicon Bronze
Standards Met:
EN 1044: CU302,BS: 1845: CZ6A 1453 C2

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