A15 Brazing Rods

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These steel welding rodes are manufactured from copper-coated triple deoxidised mild steel for a smooth and clean weld. Used with the TIG process it enables sound porosity free welds to be made on mild and low-alloy steels.

Features and Benefits
• Particularly suited to TIG welding (with argon shielding gas)
• Performs well even on surfaces that have not been cleaned before welding
• Has a wide scale of application including pipe welding as well as root runs on heavy vessels
• Available in two sizes and specifications to suit your needs

Typical Applications
• Used primarily for single pass on steels
• Plumbing
• Suitable for use on mild and medium tensile steels and also ideal for rusty and mill-scaled plate

• EN ISO 636-A:2008 W2Ti

Feature Attributes

EN ISO 636-A: 2008 W2Ti
Pack Weight:
2.5 kg
Product Material:
Low Carbon Mild Steel

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