GN 5334 Star Knob - Stainless Steel and Steel Thread

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These Star shape knobs are constructed using an AISI 304 (A2) Stainless Steel, which gives amazing resistance to impact, stress, temperature and weather resistance. This makes these a strong, robust and durable part. Especially suited for mechanical function components and mechanical engineering, and good for both indoor and outdoor applications. These knobs have many more uses, from cabinet doors to wheel turning, these knobs are a great addition or replacement to your old components. The recessed, star shaped head also gives extra grip to enable more torque to fasten the knob in place.

Features and Benefit:
• Precision casted Stainless steel for robust and sturdy positioning
• Temperature resistant up to 700 °C so can be used in high temperature machinery or in cold environment areas
• Stainless Steel threaded stud provides that added resistance to corrosion from the environment and water

Typical Applications:
• Food Industry
• Beverage Industry
• Packaging Industry
• Fittings and Pumps
• Automotive solutions
• Construction Industry
• Manufacturing Industry

Feature Attributes

Threaded Bolt

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