Metric Hole Punches

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Available in metric sizes, these non-rotating hole cutters are an effective way of punching holes in sheet metal. Heat-treated for a long keen cutting life providing burr-free accuracy time after time. A small pilot hole is drilled allowing a connecting bolt to join the punch on one side and the die on the other side of the material. Pressure is then applied by tightening the bolt and thus the hole is literally punched out. A hexagon key is required to operate this tool, which can be purchased separately.

Features and Benefits
• Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs
• A rapid and simple way to cut even metric sized holes in up to 16 gauge sheet metal
• Unique design ensures an even cutting load and produces a hole that needs no further finishing
• Cutting edges are heat treated with a black anti-corrosive finish that prevents rusting and is resistant to wear and tear

Typical Applications
• Engineering
• Automotive

Feature Attributes

Handle Material:
Hole Cutter
Tip Material:
Head Shape:

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