T-Slot Steel Clamping Sets - Inch

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58 Pieces Inch Sets (Quantity of each component part given in brackets)
Designed to save set up time and solve most clamping problems. Manufactured to high standards. All step clamps are forged and hardened and the step blocks are made from high quality steel. All components (other than the studs) are heat treated and finished in black oxide. Available to suit a full range of metric and imperial T-Slot widths. Supplied in steel racks which can be wall mounted or fitted to workbenches for ease of storage (except M16 set which is supplied in wooden box).

Feature Attributes

System of Measurement:
Number of Pieces:
(x4) 3" x 11/4", (x4) 4" x 11/4", (x4) 5" x 11/4", (x4) 6" x 11/4", (x4) 7" x 11/4", (x4) 8" x 11/4",(x2) 21/2" x 11/8" x 1/2", (x2) 2" x 11/4" x ¾", (x2) 6" x 11/4" x 7/8",Flanged Nuts: (x6) 3/8" UNC 7/16",Extension Nuts: (x4) 3/8" UNC x 1" Long,Step Blocks (Pairs): (x4) 11/8" x 3/4" - 11/2", (x4) 13/4" x 11/8" - 21/2", (x4) 37/8" x 21/2" - 6",T-Slots: (x6) 1/2" x 11/16" x 17/32"
Set Size:

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