WLTCH20IBA8 Soldering Iron Tip, Chisel 2.0 for WLIBA8
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This 3 pack of chisel 2.0mm soldering tips is ideal for changing the function of your soldering iron, or useful as replacements for your current tips. The chisel shape makes the tips ideal for general soldering tasks as well as delivering heat to solder joins greater than 2mm wide. Simple and easy to affix to your Weller® WLIBA8 soldering iron.

Features and Benefits
• Simple and cost effective way of keeping your WLIBA8 soldering iron working to an optimum level
• Chisel tip shape aids in delivering heat to solder joints greater than 2mm wide such as PCBs and can also be used for general soldering tasks
• Tip is easy to change by using the lever to push the old tip off and push new tip on, saving you time

Typical Applications
• Joining Wires
• Electronics
• Hobby

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Specifications for WLTCH20IBA8 Soldering Iron Tip, Chisel 2.0 for WLIBA8
  • Suitable For
    Weller WLIBAK8

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