Plastic Bin Storage Strips, For Perfo Panels

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Designed to attach to a Bott® Perfo Panel, these Plastic Bin Storage Strips allow you to easily slide storage bins onto the strips to hold your tools and components in. They can be quickly secured to the Perfo panels with the perfolock action and may be repositioned at any time. Available in three sizes, each strip is manufactured from steel and is zinc plated to give a long, corrosion resistant life. The strips can be repositioned to suit your desires.

Features and Benefits
• Can be easily adjusted and repositioned on your perforated panel to suit your storage needs
• Secure to the perforated panel via the Perfolock system which is easy and effective
• Manufactured from steel for maximum durability
• Finished in a zinc plating to bolster resistance to corrosion
• Available in varying sizes to suit your needs

Typical Applications
• Tool Sheds
• Workshops
• Garages

Feature Attributes

Overall Height:
75 mm
Product Type:
Shelf extension
Powder Coated
Overall Depth:
15 mm
Light Grey
Product Material:

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