Body Fluid Spill Clean Up Kits

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A biohazard body fluid clean up kit which is ideal for small body fluid spills.

The perfect provision because they're available in 2 application kits.

The biohazard body fluid clean up kits are also easy to add into a first aid kit or to replenish existing body fluid spill kits.

Features & Benefits
Each kit includes:
• Disinfectant: A broad spectrum viricide, bactericide and fungicide, also highly effective against micro-organisms. (Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi)
• Super Absorbent Granules: A fast acting, sugar absorbent powder due to it rapidly congealing and deodorising fluid spillages
• Clothing: Polythene Over sleeves, Aprons, Disposable Gloves, Bio-Hazard Bag, Plastic Scoop and Scrape
•Wipes: Non-woven wipes and an antiseptic wipe

• The two application kit contains x 2 of the content listed above (box dimensions 227x165x47mm)
•Five application kit contains x5 of the content listed above (box dimensions 300x220x75mm)

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Feature Attributes

Disinfectant,Super Absorbent Granules,Wipes
Body Fluid Spill Kit

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