T0400006 Self Adhesive Flashing Tape 10m X 450mm
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Tuffite T0400006 Self Adhesive Flashing Tape replaces the need for lead flashing
The Tuffite T0400006 is a roll of Self Adhesive Flashing Tape measuring 10 metres in length with a width of 450mm. It has been designed to provide a waterproof seal between two surfaces and will bond securely to brickwork, slate, window frames, glass and even metal downpipes. Prepare surfaces by removing loose matter dust and moisture. It is easy to install, just cut a strip to size and remove the protective film. Press on and smooth down with a cloth or roller removing any air bubbles. Do not apply in temperatures below 5 degrees centigrade.

Easy to use
Flashing tape in a lead grey coloured finish
For sealing glazing bars, leaks in gutters, downpipes, caravan seams, and various corrugated and flat roofs
Replaces the need for lead flashing
Self-adhesive requiring no separate glue
Suitable for general repair to existing flashing
Available in a number of sizes
Part Number: T0400006
Size: 10m x 450mm
Colour: Grey

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