Patch and Seal Waterproof Tape Black 3m
Order Code: ZT1398030X

£14.99 Inc VAT (20%)


Gorilla® Patch and Seal Waterproof Tape is perfect for patching holes, gaps, cracks and tears, as well as instantly fixing emergency leaks. The rubberised, UV-resistant backing offers class-leading strength and flexibility, whilst remaining fully resistant to UV, moisture and temperature. Suitable for all types of conditions, the Gorilla Patch and Seal Waterproof Tape quickly forms a permanent bond with a waterproof barrier indoors or out.

Features and Benefits
• Permanent bond created allowing you to simply fix and forget for ultimate security
• Airtight and watertight for durability
• UV Resistant design means the glue won't fade or be damaged by exposure to sunlight
• Durable and adaptable to work even in extreme weather conditions
• Flexible design allows the tape to mould to bond rough, uneven surfaces

Typical Applications
• Construction

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