Mobile Safety Barricade System Each
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Easy to use, easy to see, easy to move and store a fantastic method of
dividing an area and protecting the public from installations, cleaning and

- For Indoor use

- Opens to 4mtrs and closed at 60 x 35 x 100cm

- 16 folding panels

- Non marking wheels to ease movement

- Lightweight 15kg and comes ready to go

- 2 non-marking wheels for quick deployment

- Polyethylene

- Yellow

hat is the purpose of a mobile barricade system?

When maintenance or repair work is being conducted indoors, safety
regulations stipulate that barricades and warning signs be deployed around
the perimeter of the work area, thereby ensuring the safety of people
passing by. This product does this dual job of barricading and warning
passers-by by, conveniently unfolding into a 4m long barrier that stands on
its own with no additional support. It is highly recommended because it is
an essential part of any maintenance crew?s equipment.

Where can a mobile barricade systembe used?

Designed specifically for indoor use, this product can be used for safety
compliance wherever repair or maintenance work is being carried out. Being
a mobile, foldable unit, it can be easily stored for when required, and
deployed in a matter of seconds when called for. Such a system can be used
in commercial facilities, public buildings and many such locations where
safety equipment needs to be deployed on a regular basis. It is extremely
handy to have on hand wherever warning or caution systems are required.

Who might use this product?

This product is very useful for indoor maintenance technicians, janitorial
staff or anyone who needs to restrict access beyond a particular point.
Safety protocol dictates that such equipment is made available before any
sort of work is carried out that may pose risks to passers-by; therefore,
safety officers are the ones most likely to find this a valuable product.
They can, however, be used by anyone who needs to erect a temporary and
convenient barricade for safety or any other reason.

Mobile Barricade System: specifications such as warranties, materials,
legislation, etc

This product is made from 16 connected and articulated panels that, when
unfolded to their full length, form an effective 4m barricade system. 2
non-marking wheels are provided for safe and convenient deployment. 4
locking straps ensure that the system is locked into place when folded,
making it easy and safe to transport. The product is made from
polypropylene and complies with ANSI colour and graphics standards. Caution
symbols are printed on each panel in black, for maximum visibility. The
Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and
labour. Our mobile barricade systems fully comply with all local council
and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety
of your customers and staff.

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Specifications for Mobile Safety Barricade System Each
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    Floor Safety Signs

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