Micro-Fibre Door Mats

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Washable microfibre doormat with super absorbency.

• Exceptional multi-action entrance mat using hygienic microfibre technology.
• Superior 'brushing and wiping' with 'rapid dry' properties - even out performs cotton.
• Flexible, ultra-fine fibres (even finer than a human hair) provide deep- cleaning action on passing footwear.
• Effectively penetrates those hard to reach treads on footwear and wheeled trollies.
• Friction from the fibres generates a static charge that attracts and traps dust/debris.
• Filament structure creates a capillary effect for improved dirt retention/absorbency.
• Luxuriously soft pile that looks smart and will not lint.
• Environmentally-friendly - does not require chemical pre-treatment or washing detergents.
• Pile material: Microfibre.

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