Earplug Dispenser UV2112000
Order Code: ZT3930162S

£41.99 Inc VAT (20%)


The uvex "one 2 click" earplug dispenser is a highly visible, robust wall mounted unit that can be situated at entrances to mandatory hearing protection areas. The ear plugs are dispensed with a simple twist mechanism that does away with the need for individual packaging, helping to reduce waste.* Easy to use dispenser puts hearing protection where it’s needed* Easy installation and a controlled release mechanism ensures the correct number of plugs are dispensed* The audible one2click system prevents over supply thus reducing waste and costs* The transparent design makes it easy to monitor the number of earplugs remaining* Located in convenient locations, the dispenser has sufficient capacity to supply large production areas with hearing protection at a favourable priceDispenser can be filled with following disposable plugs:UV2112022 uvex x-fit 300 pairs loose in refill boxUV2112023 uvex com4-fit 300 pairs loose in refill boxUV2112061 uvex xtra-fit 250 pairs loose in refill boxUV2112.118 uvex hi-com lime 300 pairs loose in refill boxUV112119 uvex hi-com beige 300 pairs loose in refill boxUV2124003 uvex xact-fit 400 pairs loose in refill boxUV2124013 uvex xact-fit detec 400 pairs loose in refill box

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