Optime III Ear Defenders

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Optime™ III are high performance hearing protectors that has been developed for use in extremely noisy environments.

Features and Benefits
• Provide effective protection and high levels of comfort for the wearer
• Double casing technology minimises resonance
• High level of attenuation
• Clip-on version compatible with several brands

Typical Applications
• Airport
• Marine engine room
• Mining
• Power station

• Available in hi-vis green for workers who need to be extra visible.
• H540A - Headband: SNR=35dB, H=40dB, M=32dB, L=23dB
• H540B - Neckband: SNR=35dB, H=40dB, M=32dB, L=23dB
• H540P3 - Helmet Attachment: SNR=34dB, H=40dB, M=32dB, L=22dB

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Feature Attributes

Communication Type:
No Communication Feature
Insulation Type:
Not Dielectric
Optime™ III

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