Trade Heavy Duty Reusable Floor Protection Roll 16, 25m2
Order Code: ZT3953300S

£199.99 Inc VAT (20%)


WRX Heavy Duty Reusable Floor Protection.

SAFE USE & ANTI-SLIP : WRX is a product which can be easily spread over all ground surfaces such as wood or marbel and it enables secure working environment through its sure-footed feature.Prevents all kinds of accidents !
EASILY APPLIED : All surfaces such as stairs, corners, frames, baseboards and other surfaces which are difficult to apply. No tape required !
PAINT PROOF : As there is a lm covering on the top of the WRX product, it is paint and liquid proof. It keeps the paint and the liquid on the surface. It is easily cleaned and you can reuse it.In addition , protects the floor from any damage !
PREVENTS MOİSTURE , BREATHABLE: Due to its breathable structure WRX vaporizes the remaining moisture on the ground and eliminates it.
SAVE YOUR MONEY : After WRX is used its surface is cleaned, it is folded and stored for reuse.In addition you will not spend money for tapes and no labour required

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