Black & Yellow Handigard - Set of 3
Order Code: ZT1199302X

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The Handigard Safety Barrier is available in sets of 2 or 3 panels, the Handigard barrier is a high quality modular barrier system. Smooth finish allows easy maintenance and cleaning. Snap on hinges supplied with every panel or set to link panels together.

- Overall length when fully extended: 3 meters
- Foldaway for easy storage
- Modular panels can link together with snap on hinges to enclose any shaped area
- All Handigard panels supplied with standard 'No Entry' symbol and White and Red reflective colours across the top
- Smooth even finish for easy cleaning
- Lightweight - panel weight 2.5kg
- Rubber base stand available if used in a long straight line or for windy conditions
- Suitable with HSE's recommendation on avoiding slips and trips when cleaning
- Suction pads as accessories can be added to the barrier to connect to ballustrade, architrave or any glass or metal.

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