2 Metre Titan Traffic Barriers with Black Anti-trip Feet

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These incredibly sturdy moulded barriers are made from high-quality prime grade virgin Polypropylene. This results in unparalleled durability, combined with sub-zero temperature protection. Water apertures have also been added to ensure no water is collected in the frame - making these barriers perfect for all-weather use.

Features and Benefits
• Unrivaled strength and durability - 12 hour moulding process results in excellent strength, giving you peace of mind
• Unbeatable stability - Improved foot design provides class-leading surface grip and foot durability, eliminating the need for spare feet
• Flexible linking - Flexi-coupling Clips allows for easy connections, as well as compatibility with most other barrier types
• Easy storage - Stackable design allows for practical storage when not in use
• Made from the strongest virgin materials on the market, and tested to the highest standards
• Additional support technology - Telescopic stability poles can be easily added, increasing stability even more
• 100% metal free and fully recyclable

• Conforms to BS 8442
• Fully reflective panel meets EN12899-1 requirements

Feature Attributes

Fixing Method:
2000 mm
Belt Length:
2 m

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