40+ Multi-Purpose Maintenance Oil

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Ambersil 40+ is a true multi-purpose 'cure-all' for engineers, lubricating protecting and de-watering all in one. The oil can be used to penetrate seized fasteners, as a de-watering fluid, a general lubricant, and as a corrosion inhibitor on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as most plastics.

Features and Benefits
• All in one lubricant corrosion protector and de-watering fluid
• Excellent water displacement performance with high dielectric strength and non-conductive film
• Safe on most paints, plastics, rubbers, and all metals
• Approved by aerospace, leisure, rail and automotive industries
• Silicone free with excellent temperature resilience -20°C to +115°C

Typical Applications
• Metalwork
• Aerospace
• Rail
• Automotive industry

• Operational temperature range: -20°C to +115°C

• Flammable - Aerosol

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Feature Attributes

Protection Against Corrosion,Lubrication and Light Surface Rust Removal,by Spray Swab Or Dip Stops the Spread of Existing Corrosion Gives Lasting Protection Against Further Attack and Removes and Repels Ambient Moisture,Water Displacement,Perfect Damp-Start Solution for Ignition Systems and Other Electrical Equipment
For Use On:
Operating Temperature Range:
-20 to 115 °C

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