G-N Plus Paste Lubricants

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A solid lubricant paste for the assembly and running-in of metal components.

Features and Benefits
• High pressure-absorption capacity
• Low coefficient of friction, (μ = 0.09, no stick-slip)
• Prevents frictional corrosion and scoring
• Good anti-corrosion properties for prolonged component lifespan
• High surface covering capacity (40m²/kg)

Typical Applications
• Running-in new machines and gear-boxes
• Permanent lubrication of machine elements
• Threaded spindles
• Splined shafts
• Toothed gears
• Worm and transmission gears,
• Fastners
• Valves
• Pumps
• Roller bearings

• Service Temperature: High - 450°/Low - -35°
• Sizes: 500g and 1kg

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Feature Attributes

For Use On:
Operating Temperature Range:
-25 to 450 °C

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