Formula A Aerosol Lubricants

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Plus Gas Formula A is a rapid penetrating lubricant for rusted or seized components freeing them for easy dismantling. It can also be used to effectively remove grease and dirt build-up as well as forming a resistant shield to displace moisture. Available in a liquid or aerosol form, the liquid is especially ideal for soaking larger tools allowing the formula to penetrate deep into the metal.

Features and Benefits
• Rapid penetration to help release seized components
• Helps eliminate grease and dirt build up
• Displaces water and creates a waterproof barrier to eliminate moisture
• Helps eradicate future corrosion on coated, rusted and untreated metal
• Silicon free formulation

Typical Application
• Tools
• Automotive
• General maintenance
• Engineering
• Building and construction

• Available in liquid or aerosol - Liquid ideal for prolonged soaking of components

• Flammable - aerosol

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Feature Attributes

For Use On:
A Rapidly Penetrates and Lubricates Rusted or Seized Components Freeing Them for Easy Dismantling

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