D-321R Lubricants

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Molykote D321R is an air-curing dry lubricant that can be used for various metal on metal applications to help avoid stick-slip and ageing. It is particularly useful for combination of components with slow to medium fast movements and components bearing high loads. It can also be used during the run-in process and in extreme temperature and conditions such as high vacuum environments.

Features and Benefits
• For the lubrication of metal-on-metal components
• Suitable for use in extreme temperatures and conditions
• Air drying
• Avoidance of stick-slip
• High ageing resistance

Typical Applications
• Metal on metal components
• Components with high-loads
• Industrial
• Mechanical

Feature Attributes

Air Curing Dry Lubricant. for Metal/Metal Combinations with Slow to Medium Fast Movements and High Loads. Suitable for the Permanent Lubrication of Highly Stressed Sliding Guides with Low Sliding Speeds, Oscillating Movements or Intermittent Operation
Operating Temperature Range:
-180 to 450 °C
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