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Super Lube® Grease contains PTFE particles held in suspension. This grease is a multi-purpose, thixotropic, patented, synthetic lubricant that outlasts petroleum based oils and greases and provides a more reliable lubrication.

Features and Benefits
• Formulated to withstand continuous temperatures from -42 to +232ºC
• Free flowing even in freezing temperatures
• Thixotropic - for the most effective film strength, this grease thins at points of shear in high operating speeds. As speeds are reduced it returns to original viscosity
• Non-toxic
• Non-flammable
• Odourless

Typical applications
• Bearings
• Chains
• Pumps
• Open gears
• Compressors
• Valves
• Conveyors
• Food processing equipment
• Slides

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Feature Attributes

Operating Temperature Range:
-42 to 232 °C
For Use On:
Gears,Chains,Bearings,Food Equipment
Odourless,Contains PTFE,Non-Staining
Super Lube®

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