Star LC120 Grease

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Perma star has been designed to automatically operate to deliver a very precise discharge that is independent from pressure or temperature. The system comprises of a lubrication cartridge with 120cm³ an electromechanical drive and a battery pack.

Features and Benefits
• Push button selection of LC size and easy to select discharge period are immediately visible in the LCD
• Easily adjustable settings may be altered at any time
• Purge option of lubrication point to clear blockages, reducing downtime
• Operating status is clearly shown on LCD using LED indicators and visible from a distance
• Fast & self-explanatory to operate

Typical Applications
• Sliding bearings & sliding guides
• Gear racks & open gears
• Spindles, shaft seals and chains
• Electrical motors

Feature Attributes

Container Type:
For Use On:
Electrical Motors,Gears,Lubrication System,Shaft Seals,Sliding Bearings,Spindles,Sliding Guides
Discharge Period:
1 to 12 Months
Fully Automatic
Perma Star
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