Rembrandt EP2 Greases

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Q8 Rembrandt EP 2 is a multi-purpose lithium grease designed to hold up in extreme pressures and high up to 130°C. With a formula based on mineral oil Rembrandt EP 2 has optimum pumpability thanks to its smooth structure. With advanced roll stability and incorporating high anti-wear properties alongside rust protection the grease also boasts a long service live for optimum protection and lubrication.

Features and Benefits
• Lithium grease for use in automotive and industrial applications
• Increases component durability with its anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties
• Designed for use in extreme pressure environments
• Advanced mechanical stability
• Temperature resistant up to 130°C

Typical Applications
• Industrial
• Automotive
• Mechanical

Feature Attributes

Operating Temperature Range:
0 to 110 °C
For Use On:
EP additive to give excellent anti-wear properties,anti-friction bearings operating under heavy or shock-loaded conditions
NLGI Grade:
Rembrandt EP2

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