Food Safe Synthetic Grease PTFE

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High performing food grade grease. Produced with water resisting base oils and adhesion improvers for wash off and increased corrosion protection.

Features and Benefits
• Clear grease that will not taint product or packaging
• Synthetic base oils give exceptional temperature range to suit various setting
• PTFE combined with a complex mix of antioxidant, EP packages creating versatile tool for use in many applications for several industries
• Appropriate for use in beverage, food, pharmaceutical and clean environments
• Resistant to high humidity and salt water environments
• Dielectric material that can be used to protect electrical equipment from ingress of water
• Ins H1 Registered, made with ingredients fully FDA Approved
• Available in range of sizes to suit your storage and application needs

Typical Applications
• UPVC door locks/window locks
• Trolley wheels
• Food packing machinery
• Suitable for use in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and clean environments
• INS H1 Registered
• Lubricates bearings, chains and sliding surfaces
• Bearings, pivots, chains slides, and mechanisms in clean environments, including plastic bearings and runners

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Feature Attributes

Standards Met:
INS H1 Registered
Clear grease that will not taint product,Dielectric,exceptional temperature range
For Use On:
Bearings,Food Equipment,Locks,Chains,Electrical,Plastic
Operating Temperature Range:
-40 to 260 °C

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