Castrol, Spheerol L-EP Greases

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Lithium-based general-purpose extreme pressure greases, based upon mineral oils and incorporating extreme pressure agents to protect bearing components subject to heavy and shock loadings. Available in a range of consistencies to suit most applications, from an NLGI 2 for general-purpose bearing lubrication to an NLGI 00 semi-fluid grease suitable for centralised lubrication systems and grease filled gearboxes. Being lithium-based, Spheerol EPL greases have good water tolerance, are resistant to water washing and incorporate powerful rust inhibitors to protect bearing components against corrosion.

Excellent stability gives long service life.
Wide operating temperature range of -20C to 120C.
Good adhesion and water-wash resistance.
Range of consistencies to suit most applications.

Feature Attributes

For Use On:
Container Type:
Operating Temperature Range:
-20 to 120 °C
Wide operating temperature,Excellent stability

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