Auto Greaser Ultima 1 120ml (Box of 10)
Order Code: ZT3288304S

£459.99 Inc VAT (20%)


Automatic lubrication systems dispense small, precise amounts of lubricant at short, regular intervals. The amount of time and personnel required for large plants, and machines located in hazardous areas mean that manual lubrication is often dangerous, impractical and expensive. Automatic lubrication systems as part of maintenance can resolve this issue.

PROTEAN Ultima 1 is an NSF: H1 registered multi-purpose grease that is suitable for use in cleanroom environments and industries like food and beverage processing, packaging and pharmaceuticals. This versatile grease is a fantastic option for a wide range of applications and is enhanced with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to give a better performance. Ultima 1 is also strengthened with PTFE and performs well under demanding conditions including wet environments, high temperatures and high loads.

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