Arvina HX2 High Load-Bearing Greases

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A mineral oil-based, calcium-sulphonate complex thickened grease designed to lubricate bearings operating under extreme high load conditions. Its high-load carrying capability and functional thickener system is enhanced by the high-viscosity base-oil and micronized molybdenum disulphide solids allowing for reliable lubrication and performance where other greases would not.

Features and Benefits
• Effective even in high temperatures of up to 140°C
• Excellent anti-wear and load carrying properties
• Highly effective protection against corrosion
• Highly water resistant including wash-off

Typical Applications
• Plain bearings
• Roller Bearings
• Ball Bearings

Feature Attributes

Operating Temperature Range:
-20 to 140 °C
Water resistant
For Use On:
NLGI Grade:
Arvina HX2

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