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£22 - £170
Bulk Discount (1)
-20 to +150°C (1)
-50 to +120°C (1)
Excellent EP performance (1)
Excellent mechanical stability (1)
Exceptional strong adhesive properties (1)
Extremely good corrosion inhibiting properties (1)
Bearings (1)
Chains (1)
500ml (1)
5KG (1)
Aerosol (1)
Can (1)
Brand: Matlock

Browse our original Matlock products in Fluids & Lubricants

Browse the huge range of lubrication equipment and supplies at Zoro. We stock a variety of tools, including grease connectors, nipples, and hoses, oil cans and guns, and oil and fluid handling equipment. We also stock grease guns and funnels.

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Fluids & Lubricants

Here, you will find all the lubrication tools you need to connect and apply lubricant on the job without any unwanted spills or splashes. <CRLF>We only stock equipment from the very best brands on the market for smart and reliable performance. Choose from top names like Kennedy, Lumatic, and Wesco to suit your needs.<CRLF>Spend over £25 with us today and you will qualify for free UK delivery. Take a look at the range and find your essential lubrication equipment now.

Fluids & Lubricants

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