Clam Heat Press 38 x 38cm Teflon Sheet & Sublimation Paper
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Take your branding to the next level by turning just about any flat surfaced sublimation consumable into your own personal billboard, thanks to this powerful 38cm x 38cm sublimation heat press machine from PixMax.

Whether you're an avid DIY'er or wanting to kickstart your very own business, this clam style heat press lets you bring your unique designs to life and print them straight onto a wide range of everyday items such as t-shirts, bags, phone cases, puzzle boards, mouse mats and more. Suitable for both sublimation ink and vinyl, this is the ideal tool for creating versatile designs and coming with 10 sublimation sheets, there's no stopping you from printing your custom designs straight away!

With just three key settings to consider - time, temperature, and pressure - this sublimation press is unbelievably easy to use. All of these can be monitored and controlled using the accurate digital touchscreen display for consistent transfers.

Heat temperatures can be set anywhere between 0°C - 250°C while the printing time can be set from 0 to 999 seconds, with an alarm to let you know when pressing is complete. Using the comfort grip handle, the press can be lowered where you can then adjust the pressure as desired using the adjustable knob. Combined with the even heat distribution across the alloy heat plate you can ensure a flawless finish to all your sublimation designs.

While the 38 x 38cm platen provides a large enough surface to print onto a variety of items, its compact structure allows it to perfectly fit into a workshop or studio and easily moved about due to being super lightweight. Manufactured from powder coated steel, this machine is incredibly robust and built to withstand heavy use. The stunning red finish adds a bold statement to your workspace but is also extremely protective to ensure it stays looking good for a long time to come.

The clam design provides a wide-open space to safely position your consumables. A 9mm thick silicone pad on the lower platen provides a level surface for even sublimation printing and thanks to the non-slip material, it keeps your items firmly in place during the transfer process. With the addition of the included premium grade Teflon sheet, it creates the perfect non-stick barrier between the platen and your sublimation paper or vinyl to deliver high quality designs and keep your press looking brand new for longer.

Powerful, versatile, and super sturdy, this 38cm x 38cm sublimation heat press machine is perfect for both professional and home use to bring your creative visions to life.

Product Features:

* Large 38 x 38cm Platen
* Even Heat Distribution
* Touchscreen Digital Display
* 0-999 Second Timer Control
* Operating Temperature Up To 250°C


* Colour: Red
* Material: Powder Coated Steel
* Weight: 22.85kg
* Height: 390mm/39cm/15.4"
* Width: 680mm/68cm/26.8"
* Depth: 395mm/39.5cm/15.6"
* Voltage: 220-240V
* Current: 7A
* Frequency: 50Hz
* Power: 1.5kW
* Temperature Range: 0-250°C
* Pressing Time: 0-999 Seconds
* Platen Dimensions: 38 x 38cm
* Silicone Pad Thickness: 9mm

Box Contents:

* 1 x Powerful 38 x 38cm Clam Heat Press
* 1 x Premium Grade Teflon Sheet
* 10 x High Quality Sublimation Sheets

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