Metric Round Silver Steel

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This high carbon silver tool steel is the ideal product for manufacturing and forging your own tools from. The high carbon content means it can be hardened to an impressive level, giving your tool a bolstered wear resistance, whilst the chromium content affords your tool with strength and general hardness. Supplied in an annealed state, this range of round silver steel is ready to be machined and can be purchased in varying sizes to suit your needs.

Features and Benefits
• Comes machine ready to save you time preparing the material
• Manufactured from BS1407 steel to allow you to harden your tool to an impressive level
• Supplied in a spheroidised annealed condition to allow you to begin work immediately
• Saves on material wastage as you can purchase the size that best suits your requirements
• Available in a range of metric sizes to ensure you find the correct product diameter and length for your needs

Typical Applications
• Ideal for use when manufacturing tools such as screwdrivers, punches, shafts, axles, pinions, pins, die posts, instrument parts, model parts, taps and drills for mild steel and engraver tools
• Ideal for tool room and engineering purposes

Feature Attributes

Tensile Strength:
45 - 55 psi

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