Springbok Lawn Rakes

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The most popular lawn rake from Bulldog, this range is most suited for use when scarifying lawns and getting rid of unwanted growth. With an all steel constructed head, the product is constructed of 20 hardened steel tines, complete with oil treated tines for maximum strength. Each singular tine is made from a continuous piece of wire that has been riveted in place without joints or crimps. Available with a wooden shaft (BDG5229128N and BDG5229128X) or a steel shaft (BDG5229128Z).

Features and Benefits
• Oil treated tines for bolstered strength and resistance to corrosion
• High tensile strength tines provide both flexibility and strength
• 20 steel tines are hardened for additional strength
• Available in three varying sizes to ensure you find the product to suit your needs
• Each tine is manufactured from one continuous strand of steel to further reinforce the product strength

Typical Applications
• Ideal for use when raking lawns and removing unwanted growth on a domestic or industrial level

Feature Attributes

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